Monday, March 26

Seconds at Sushiro

*Cough cough*

Yes, I went backto Sushiro the next day with the husband and boys in tow. In my defense, I'm taking a break from work, it was a Friday and we needed dinner. We were there at 5:30pm and there was a queue  - seriously, where do these people come from? Luckily we didn't wait long and in their defense, the service is pretty good (friendly and quick), given how busy they are.

We shared an upsized Bara Chirashi, Premium Unagi Don and Regular Chirashi. The Bara Chirashi was awesome and  the Premium Unagi Don was exquisite. To be honest, the meal wasn't cheap but yes, very value-for-yerrr-money. Best of all, it's close to where we live and that means more return visits.

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