Monday, August 14

California // Day 0

Our trip to California was really lovely. KW got to catch up with his brother whose based their. The boys got to spend more time with their cousins and grandparents. And there was a good mix of us-time and everyone-time. To be honest, I had a lot of reservations for this trip - residual fear from our trip four years back. I guess in a way, this was kind of a redemption trip.

The boys did pretty well on their 16-hr nonstop flight to San Francisco. We brought healthy snacks, their favorite books and activity books, all of which sufficiently entertained for a few hours. We didn't cap screen time but they were only interested in The Good Dinosaur, which they watched on loop. Funny enough I took Russell to watch The Good Dinosaur when the movie came out in the cinemas, but he wasn't remotely interested and fell asleep midway. 

In terms of jet lag, the boys were fortunately spared from the worst. Russell slept well and Lucas woke up for an hour in the middle of the night. Taking them out during the day really helps them adjust. 

And of course, breakfast by the poolside helped too. i am so very thankful for the hotel we stayed at - Cupertino Hotel. We had the modest but perfect queen suite, and the location was pretty amazing too. Every morning, we would have a hearty breakfast before setting out and highlight of my morning was undoubtedly the live omelette station where I got to discover the magic of spinach, mushroom and feta omelette. Bliss.

More to come - YAY! Jet lag is kicking my ass via my boys, so I will try to be as productive as I can.

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