Thursday, June 22

Idaten Udon, Changi City Point

When the colleague suggested udon for lunch, I mumbled something along the lines of "It's just carbs... blah blah blah." But I went along - it wasn't like I had more exciting plans in line.

Part of the Ichiban group, Idaten focuses on the humble udon. Perhaps in this present moment where people love to complicate things and create bastardised fusion food, I appreciate Idaten's mission to keep things the way they were.

The steps to getting a hot piping bowl of simplicity is well, simple enough:
Step 1: Choose your udon: Soup or dry, and plain, matcha, yuzu or pumpkin.
Step 2: Pick your sides from a wide variety of tempura, including mixed vegetables, pumpkin, squid, crab stick, chicken and crab croquette
Step 3: Grab garnishes such as seaweed, spring onion, tempura flakes, chilli padi and tempura sauce from a nearby bar

Though the meal looked uninspiring. it was surprisingly very tasty. I stuck with the basic udon soup that was filled with al dente toothsome noodles. I would love to try the matcha noodles next. A fried salmon belly filled with omega-3 goodness brought things home. To top it off, a generous confetti of seaweed and fiery chili padi sealed the deal.

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