Saturday, May 6

Sunday lunch with adult friends

Yes, this is quite an odd title but I thought it is particularly apt. Given that I am more of an introvert, most of my friends are from school; for the longest time post-graduation, it was hard to make friends given the differences in life goals and perspectives. Even most of my school friends don’t have kids which admittedly makes gatherings a tad trickier.

Fortunately, thanks mostly to KW, we now have a group of friends – from his base his college friends – and their adorable littles ones who are around Russell and Lucas’ age. It’s always a treat for the adults to hang out with each other while the kids run amok.

A couple of weeks ago, a college schoolmate got married and we had the chance to meet up for a luncheon after the wedding. Sweet because I do love planning meet-ups and fussing over what to prepare.

Orange, beetroot, toasted almonds, pearl barley Caesar salad 

I was really quite excited about this salad as I used barley for the first time. It was good, interesting texting if you are into grains.

Grilled pork chops 

KW threw some chops on the grill and call it a day. I had couple of end pieces (i.e., pork fat) ... Mmm, cue pork dance. Ok, you don’t want to see me dance. Why don't you watch Rosita and Gunter shake it off instead? 

Baked cheesy pasta with wild mushrooms 

I made carbs. Cheesy carbs. Ain't that the best? You know what's the coolest part? This dish was ridiculously easy and knocks the socks of your friends. I'll shall the recipe soon. 

Sticky pecan upside-down baby cakes

Of course, we had dessert. Sticky sweet baby cakes topped with toasted pecans. Yummeh.  

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