Wednesday, April 12

Return to Itacho Sushi, Ion Orchard

We haven't been to Itacho Sushi and a recent trip to their Ion Orchard made me wonder why we don't go back more often. Eating here is defnitely more of a harried experience compared to Sushi Tei, but the variety here never fails to pique my interst.

Unagi Rice

We ordered Unagi Rice for the boys. I like how you can customise your order and I vetoed the onions as the boys aren't fans.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

 I like my salads with a touch of sin. The soft shell crab was still crisp upon serving.

Roasted Fatty Salmon Sushi - always a pleaser!

Hana Batake 

Deconstructed sushi with uni, salmon roe, negatory, scallop, crab and tobiko. Interesting take on sushi that might make sushi purists gag.


 Grilled Yellowtail Head

I would return any day for this. Impecably fresh, larger than both palms combined. A squeeze of lemon and we picked at this till there was nothing but bones left.

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