Friday, February 17

Weekend Maruders

My favorite scene at home: The boys entertaining themselves, 
reaching out to each other when needed. 

My second favorite scene at home: My boys. Period. 

With his ruddy cheeks and swept hair, introducing our own little "Spicy" Lukee.

The other day I bought the fanciest of toys for the boys. One that unleashes the fantasies of creative minds and entertains them for hours. Introducing: A4 70gsm paper. (Why hello there, Lukee) #parenthoodscore #cheapotoys

Random: I was judging my thighs at the gym when I remembered Russell Facetimed me yesterday just to say "hi" and blow kisses. Then I thought to myself, the people who matter most to me care about the size of my heart - not my thighs.

TGIF... Onto the weekend!

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