Wednesday, February 22

A Wedding Do-over

When I first read this article "I Got Married 18 Years Ago, And Now I Want A Hipster Wedding Do-Over," I almost jumped out of my seat in agreement. I totally identify with Christine Burke's longing of a wedding do-over. I probably wouldn't want mason jars and burlap buntings, but I would love to have a wedding that truly reflects our taste and style. The venue, the decorations ... and oh the dress! The things I would do-over in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, the groom isn't one of them. 

Till this day, I have MAJOR hang-ups about my wedding dress. It was a pretty dress but it wasn't my dress. I got it because KW liked it most out of all the dresses I had tried on and it was important to me that he liked the dress. Ladies, take my advice, go with your gut - otherwise your poor husband will be on the receiving of self-pity regret for the upcoming years (and guys, stay out of this decision).

Gosh, I was such a people-pleaser. In the end, we had your average "gate-crashing in the morning, followed by tea ceremonies, and ended of with a 600+ pax wedding bonanza at Shangri-La Hotel where we didn't know 60% of the attendees." Our parents were happy. Drama-free. Yay.

While we might plan our wedding a lot more differently today, I appreciate how life has turned out for us each and every single day. Our wedding was a chapter in our lives, an old chapter. One that took us on a shared journey of growth, appreciation and of course, love. Our wedding was in the past and we have a future together.

But would I want a wedding do-over? Abso - freakin - lutely.


Bern said...

do a 10-year vow exactly the way u like!!!!!!!

yixiao said...

haha and my ideal guestlist would be like, 20 people.

Bern said...

sounds like a grrrrreat plan!!!! hee!!