Monday, September 19

Melbourne: Mamasita, Collins Street

Our first meal in Melbourne took place at Mamasita, a Melbourne institution. After a red eye flight with two under five years old, you can only imagine how hungry I was for a good proper meal. We braved the cold and drizzles, and hunted down Mamasita. Our expectations were cautiously high and there was no place for disappointment. After our visit, I can only say, I have eaten Mexican food but I have not HAD Mexican food.

Cauliflower Tostadas (love the beetroot spread underneath)

Don't forget your salsa

Dreamy pork carnitas

Huitlacoche quesadillas 

Lamb birria quesadillas 

Kids' chicken quesadillas 

Kids' fish tacos

The food at Mamasita is muy delicioso! The folks at Mamasita took a humble cuisine and elevated it beyond your usual taco. The flavours are surprising yet familiar, bold and captivating. Every dish got a thumbs, if not two. Even the kids' dishes - fish taco and chicken quesadilla - put up their best foot forward. I'm usually more of a nacho and taco person but this time round, both quesadillas stole my heart. A must-visit if you are in Melbourne!

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