Sunday, July 10

Russell, 4 years old

Or as you would say, "48 months old, Mama!"

Yes, dear Russell, thank you for reminding Mama.

At 48 months old, you are my little man. You had to grow up almost overnight when your little brother came along. When Papa travels for work, you know that you are the de facto man of the house. You were an extremely introverted child and you have since grown out of your shell, much to our astonishment. You have acquired a taste for positional authority with your younger brother, but don't forget, he is here to make you feel less lonely when Mama and Papa are no longer around.

Your love for numbers is awe-inspiring, but I worry, the praise and fawning has made you unreceptive to trying new things for fear of "failure." You are quick at navigating the world, knowing whose buttons to press and when, but you struggle to navigate within yourself. I will constantly remind myself to be gentle with you, and even more so because you have such a forceful yet sensitive nature.

Love, your Mama

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