Thursday, May 5

Nara 2016

Nara was undoubtedly our favourite part of the trip - and to think we almost left it out of our itinerary. It rained on the day we were supposed to go and we literally took a rain check. On our last day in Japan, between a day of malls and the promise of deers, we decided to take on the deers. 

Nara is incredibly charming! I was surprised by how free and plentiful the deers were. You can buy biscuits  from streets vendors, and feed the deers, but they become really aggressive when they see the biscuits. I find them to be alot more approachable when you don't have the biscuits.  After feeding the deers, we took a walk around the little town and found it to be quiet and picturesque. And of course, matcha soft serves knowingly made their way into our diet soon enough =)

We were lucky enough to catch the blooms of cherry blossoms. Seconds before this picture was taken, I had my bitchface on as the Taiwanese aunties in front of us took a gazillion shots, knowing very well we were waiting for them to be done. A really nice chap offered to take this photo of us and restored my faith in humanity. #firstworldproblems

Like I said, please make time for Nara - you won't regret it. After Nara, Russell kept asking when we will be back - he might have found the rest of the trip unmemorable... HAHA!

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