Wednesday, April 27

Osaka 2016

It is always wonderful in Japan! Well, till you meet tour groups from the Middle Kingdom... That aside, we had a lovely time in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara (our favourite of the three). Of course, it was challenging at times with the kids but well, what can I say, it is a learning experience for us too. HAHA!

We kickstarted our first day with a trip to Osaka caste but as you can imagine, there were hordes of tourists so we didn't bother going in. In fact throughout this trip, we were pretty much adversed to the usual touristy sites, and preferred veering off tracks and discovering little alleyways. 

At Osaka castle, I picked up my first soft serve of the trip. At 10am in the morning. Jut frozen chocolate milk, no? This would surely not be the last soft serve.

I loved shopping at Family Mart, the convenience store. I know, I am turning into an obasan! Here are just a handful of goodies we had.

Blueberry yogurt

Creme brûlée pudding

Walnut bun

Because it is perfectly legit to eat instant noodles for breakfast in Japan.

Tubby x Pablo

Yeah, we tried Pablo cheese tart... It was O-K. There were queues at the Dotonburi outlets but luckily, on one drizzling afternoon, we picked up a mini cheese tart without having to suffer the queues. Oh, FYI, they sell Pablo cheesecakes at Kansai International Airport (before and after checking in), so you can always pick them up after there. 

A random red bean bun - just look at how thin the skin is!

We are such homebodies so of course, we had more than our fair share of depachika dinners... right by the lovely sunset =)

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