Monday, March 28

PasarBella, Turf City

PasarBella has opened a new outlet at Suntec City, but I still very much prefer the original set-up at Turf City. The variety at Turf City is better and the overall atmosphere feels more organic and rustic, compared to Suntec which looks and feels like a glammed up yet clinical food court. I wouldn't say the food is slam dunk - not to mention a meal could easily cause a dent in your wallet - but it's a nice change from the usual mall fare.

A pleasing set-up of cous cous and chicken salad, and nachos from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli

Mushroom & spinach quiche from Wake & Bake

Superb roast meats from Keith's Crackling Roast

So-so pizzas from Cicely Kitchen though it seemed to be a hit with the kids in the vicinity

A very disappointing Speculoos cheesecake from Dutch Colony... 
Had such high hopes for this but it was way too cinnamon-y.

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