Wednesday, January 27

Patties & Wiches, Takashimaya

Mount Fuji
Mont blanc chestnut cream with chocolate sponge & chestnuts.

Matcha Parfait
Matcha cream and sponge cake and custard

Mille Feuille 
Raspberry jam atop the layers of puff pastry, 
layered with fresh cream, sliced strawberries and pineapples 

The softest of sponge cakes and airiest of whipped cream, topped with fruits and glazed marrons. The beauty of these creations from Chef Yamashita lies in their unbearable lightness of being.Despite so, each slice cost $9 upwards, which is around 30% more than what you would pay for in the store. Cue sad face.


Liverella said...

You should try the cakes at Isetan Lido, the corner store next to sweet potato cake store... I find their cream heavenly light and less sweet that Chef Yamashita's... it helps when their cakes cost less than 5dollars per cake too ^^

yixiao said...

Ooo thank you for the tip!