Saturday, December 26

Xmas 2015

Christmas felt a little quieter because we didn't hold our annual Christmas party due to upcoming plans, but it was definitely sweet to enjoy these moments with my family.

On Christmas Eve, we chucked the turkey and had steamboat at my parent's place. Simple but wonderful. 

One of our desserts was a log cake from Patisserie Glace brought by my elder sister. 

What a precious shot of my parents and their two grandchildren - and on their wedding anniversary

Lucas' first Christmas and he developed a love for Christmas tree

On Boxing Day, we attended a party thrown by Uncle PG and Auntie CM, and I made a Christmas bouquet for them. 

Can you guess the theme? Yes, Harry Potter! 

And they went all out... 

Ferrero Stich, anyone?

You've got wizard mail

Can you tell we tried to dress up our boys? KW even made capes for the boys from a very old pair of pants. 

It was such a lovely time! Always thankful to be a part of such festivities. 


Anonymous said...

I love your dress (or what I think is a dress). So whimsical looking and pretty!

yixiao said...

HAHA! Yes, it is A DRESS from Sretsis =)

Bern said...

love the execution of the theme, especially the ferrero snitches, genius!! i'm gonna be stealing some of these ideas...thanks in advance!! :)