Monday, December 7

Roasted leg of lamb + Portobello pesto pappardelle + Pecan crumble chocolate cake

This is the time of the year where old friends head back home for a slice of the local life (yes, you have been missing out on laksa, char kway tiao and tau huay!). KW's friend and his lovely fiancee were back for a week and we have them over for lunch, with a bunch of university friends and their adorable munckins. 

KW fired up his grill and made us an awesome leg of lamb. I don't even like lamb that much but that lovely shade of pink meant I ate my quota for the holidays. Today's lunch, tomorrow's special ingredient for tubby's porridge. 

Along with the lamb, we made a simple caesar salad with smoked salmon. We love smoked salmon so you see alot of it in the salads we make. 

 As well as a pot of portobello pesto pappardelle. That's quite the alliterative sentence, I realised. 

Any excuse to bang out a bag of chips... 

Excited by the thought of having guests over, Russell helped me with this pecan crumble chocolate cake that he made specially for his friend, Owen.

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