Friday, November 6

Sakanadonya Kunimaru, A Pop-up at Telok Ayer

When the colleague informed me about Sakanadonya Kunimaru, I was intrigued. From a pop-up along Telok Ayer street, they moved to Greens Food Court with a downside menu and corresponding reduced prices.

At $9.80 a bowl, you can't complain much. U had the salmon and ikura don that was blessed with respectably fresh sashimi cubes, decent tamago and above average miso soup (I actually finished their miso soup).

Though the sashimi chunks were hunky dory, the rice was a letdown i.e., not much different from the neighbouring food stalls. It is a pity the rice was disappointing as Japanese rice is often the hallmark of any awe-inspiring Japanese meal and at times, matters even more than what it is served with.

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