Thursday, October 15

Something old, something new from Awfully Chocolate

Last year, I forgot all about our wedding anniversary till my colleague reminded me on that day itself. This year, this was a marked improvement as I remembered the occasion two days before. Well, I still think about our wedding and what I would have done differently, and I still watch "Say Yes to the Dress" with restless vengeance but no way, would I ever want to go through the hullabaloo of our wedding again. 

To mark the occasion, we popped by awfully convenient Awfully Chocolate before heading to the supermarket. Hey, food needs to be put on the table yeah? Our 9 months old Tubbs isn't going to appreciate the idea of having romance for lunch.

Their Salted Butterscotch Brownie (my favourite brownie EVER) was ridiculously fudgy and indulgent. As it was our wedding anniversary after all, I split the last bite with KW.

The Chocolate Mille Crepe didn't feel too dense till you got up from your seat. Like layers within a building, it had the potential of sitting in your stomach like a brick. I guess this is what close to two dozen layers of crepe plus chocolate cream feels like.


Bern said...

hahahaa...i forgot my wedding anniversary last year too!! i like to think that it's when you're blissfully happy, the years start to blend one into the other :)

yixiao said...

wouldn't say we are "blissfully happy" but we can't complain too =)