Monday, September 14

Polling Day long weekend

Tubbs & Threenager //
Oh my boys! I could really get used to a 3-day weekend but of course I would need another break after hanging out with these guys.

Dinner at Kith //
Pleasant experience and friendly service, but the relaxing vibe of $entosa Cove has definitely been worked into the budget. 

Breakfast with Russell //
Have you guys tried the carrot cake muffin from Starbucks? It's super super! And after they have heated it up, the cream cheese gets all sorts of oozy and coats the muffin with wurfff

Polling Day //
Befitting to celebrate the election results with a hawker spread yeah? Pretty awesome popiah from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 (near Eng Ho Hokkien Mee). Totally salvaged the disappointment fen Ann Chin Popiah the previous day. 

Something new //
Cousin IT back from Mexico... Using my Etsy gift card, I got something for our home. 

Dior and I // 
I have nothing but respect for the hardworking men and women of the Dior atelier. Thank you for reminding us that behind all the paparazzi circus frenzy is a team of unassuming craftsmen who just want to do what they love.

Runaway Tubbs //
Has this ever happened to you guys? Despite us tightening the straps, Lucas has been scaring us by wriggling out of his car seat mid-drive! And looking mighty pleased with himself, if I may add. 

Dad's birthday dinner at DB Bistro // 
A lovely meal but I didn't bother with photos - I rather enjoy the meal, thanks. My slow-cooked salmon was a smudge overdone but the salmon skin was laudably crispy and the corn succotash was very yummy. 

My poor Dad tore his ligament earlier and had to get to the hospital after dinner. Due to some really strict MBS food policy, we couldn't have the cake I got from Kki Sweets at DB Bistro. However, they presented a basket of mini madelines and Russell tried to claim the candle for himself.

Finally, a family photo where almost everyone is looking into the camera. HAHA...
Happy Birthday, Dad/公公!

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