Monday, June 22

Greek Yogurt Mustard Lamb + Pea Hummus + Guacamole + Salsa

Did you celebrate Father's Day? We didn't... Heck, we didn't even celebrate Mother's Day. Now as a parent myself, I do find unnecessary significance placed on these Hallmark Holidays (like Valentine's Day) and I'm glad my parents aren't into them.

We did change things up with our regular Saturday meal by having my parents over for dinner. I realised how much I missed having people over for a relaxed meal, how much I missed party planning. Each time we have people over, I am always glad we did it but it truly warrants serious bed rest. Now if I am tired, imagine how much more drained my helper must be.

Guacamole, salsa, foie gras with toasted baguette

We kept the starters simple and these are recipes that you can easily Google for. Taste as you make them. You like them chunky, make them chunky. You like theme garlicky, make them garlicky. Free and easy, Susie. Who's Susie? No idea, just thought it rhymes with easy.

I had second thoughts about there being enough food and KW made a run for 车老板's roasted duck. We definitely had enough food to begin with but the roasted duck was dependably good.

There are two types of homecooks - one that scours for recipes and finds the the ingredients that fit the recipe, the other who feels inspired by ingredients and goes with his or her gut. As you can tell spontaneity is not in my DNA but I'm trying to be more of the latter category and keep things somewhat spontaneous.

The main dish was a Greek Yogurt Mustard Lamb based on Donal Skehan's Butterflied Lamb recipe plus 3 generous spoonfuls of mustard Dijon. It lay on a bed of pea hummus, based on this recipe, which was a fancy name for mashed peas. 

Hope you had a good Father's Day weekend. 

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