Wednesday, June 17

Fried Carrot Cake Stall, Sembawang Hills Food Centre

We recently started patronizing a fried carrot cake store that my parents used to bring us to when we were kids. It is kind of sweet that my parents are visiting with their grandkid.

The friendly uncle looks forever 35 - I'm pretty sure the grease from all that frying had something to do with it - and he specializes in the black version. I like how the "kway" is softer than his competitors but the fry up can sometimes be uneven and even underdone. And we all into that when you go black, it is all about the charred caramelized bits right?! I'm getting emotional here.

So, the other day, I decided to throw in a simple request:


And what a difference it made!

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Bern said...

Growing up, we used to eat at this hawker center EVERY SATURDAY too!! we may have bumped into one another way back then!! :p