Friday, June 26

Cakes from Pine Garden

As a kid, my ticket to TAF Club was deep-fried food and not sugar, thus I rarely had a hankering for cakes and desserts from old school bakeries.  

Yet now, there is an odd allure about these cakes from Pine Garden. Sure, the Chocolate Rice Cake was as artificial and cheap-tasting as they get, but that aside, the Pulut Hitam Cake and Sea Salt Caramel Roll were delightful.

Unlike the original dessert, the Pulut Hitam Cake was surprisingly light and airy, given the layers of cream and sponge, and not forgetting, a lofty dollop of black glutinous rice topping.

I thought the Sea Salt Caramel Roll looked like it tiptoed out of a fancy Japanese patisserie catalogue. Salted caramel buttercream enveloped in a vanila sponge, and coated with a layer of glossy salted caramel frosting.

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