Friday, April 3

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie, Killiney Road

As mentioned earlier, brunch at Real Food was pretty good but I needed something more and so we adjourned to abc for desserts. Well, I guess by "desserts," I meant second lunch and a buttery treat... Hey, it was the weekend right? 

I stole a quarter of J's beef pie, a scrumptiously hearty pie packed with chunks of shredded beef. 

There was little doubt that the egg mayo sandwich would be my pick for the day. Generous smears of creamy nibbly egg mayo bits undercut by the bitterness of alfalfa sprouts, sandwiched between a focaccia loaf. Egg mayo is really just another name for comfort food.

With its lovely almond-ny aroma and buttery crust, I really enjoyed the pear and almond tart too. Easily one of the best tarts I have in a while. 

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