Friday, March 20

Friday 20th finds

Must read //

I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, And It Wasn’t Nice. I see a lot of myself in the writer and god knows the people closet to us need a break (from us) from time to time.

And experts say 55% of communication is visual eg., body language, eye contact, so let's work on our body language.

I am obsessed with Myers Briggs and colleague just forwarded me this little bit of fun. I am an INTJ mum - oh my gawd, so true!

Must make //

Lamb meatballs with Ottolenghi’s hummus? Yeah, why not.

I am usually not into mussels (more of a clams person) but this dish looks positively inviting.

Really, a kopi-o lip balm? Swoon... And they have a rose bandung flavour too.

Must visit //

I would love to go on these design trails, which are part of the Singapore Design Week. But alas, I have moral obligations this weekend that must be fulfilled. Register here.

Commissary, a beautiful greenhouse/restaurant in LA by Roy Choi. 

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