Monday, February 2

Lucas' First Month Party + Sedap kecap manis chicken

In typical second child style, Lucas' first month celebration was a relatively modest affair. Remember Russell's Mexican fiesta? Link here if you are keen to re-live the party.

KW and I didn't want to be stuck in the kitchen or behind the grill all say - or running around about the evening, for that matter - and we decided to cater the food.

The day before the party, mummy guilt hit for keeping things too simple and I decided to order a bunch of alphabet balloons to add to the festivities. Love them!

Truth of the matter is, Russell has been rather sensitive of late and we need all hands on deck to mind the not-so-little munckin. Oh yes, the terrible threes are real, my friend. very real.

We had a nasi lemak party with food ordered from Bali Nasi Lemak. Honestly, I had no idea this place even existed till I googled "Nasi Lemak Singapore" and my eyes almost popped out when I saw how delicious the food looked.

For a minimum of $100, they do free delivery (woohoo!). Note: This is not an advertorial nor did I receive any monetary compensation from them.

Our guests loved the food, we loved the leftovers and everyone thanked the PAP for creating a multi-racial society. Amen.


Onion omelette 

Sotong ball

Lady's finger with sambal

Deep-fried chicken wings

The winner for the night was undoubtedly their signature kecap manis chicken. Deep-fried and tossed around in a finger-lickin'-good sweet sticky sauce. MUST MUST MUST ORDER!

Unpictured were some very fluffy coconut rice, sweetish samba chill and addictive ikan bilis.

And of course, the little man slept through most of his party.

Though it's been 48 hours since the party, we still have not taken down the decorations and are looking for another reason to order those ridiculously sedap kecap manis chicken. 

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