Friday, October 17

(Dinner in) Kkanbu Chicken, Seoul

KW was adamant about having Korean Fried Chicken and bought back a motherfreakin'-awesome-smelling box for dinner one day. 

The name was Kkanbu Chicken. And its game "Feast of the Snowflake Chicken". Pretty much sounds like the sequel of Croching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 

We took on the challenge of finishing the entire chicken but alas, the chicken outlasted us. At least we polished off the dark meat. 

Another photo because it was simply glorious. Greasebomb glorious.

Crazy crunchy and crispy on the outside, uber moist on the inside.

Having recently acquired a taste for chicken, the little one enjoyed his fair share too.

Along with the fried chicken, KW also bought a couple of gimbal because I had requested for "something light for dinner."

Two sections in and I was done. But not because it was good but my stomach was feeling the heat from the chicken. If only I could pack the gimbap home.

TV dinner in our Sunday best because we like it classy

And soon enough, eat-till-you-drop food coma ensued. Good times. 

Kkanbu Chicken 

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