Friday, August 15

Charlene and Jeremy's wedding lunch at Rang Mahal, Pan Pacific Hotel

I love weddings and even more so when they involve my closet friends. Last Sunday, I was super psyched to join Charlene and Jeremy for their wedding lunch at Rang Mahal, Pan Pacific hotel. I was really happy to be invited to this informal wedding lunch that was shared only with family and close friends. 

We can only met up every now and then since they are based in San Francisco, it is particularly heartening to be able to celebrate one of life's major milestones together. 

Only picture of the wedding couple.

The bride wore her mother's gown. If there was one person among all my friends that I could imagine doing so, it would be her. 

I thought the food at Rang Mahal was excellent and I was kicking myself for not taking notes of the dishes served along the buffet line. Thankfully, upon request and very promptly, the good people at Rang Mahal sent across the menu and made my life a whole lot easier. 

Chutneys / papads (Spicy papadums, speckled generously with cracked black pepper)

Mango and turnip salad (tropical fruits given an Indian twist with a  spices)

Fried moong and cashew nut (Crazy delicious, this was one of the dishes that made me sit up and go, “Whuutt”)

Other Salads:

Brown rice salad (Absolutely loved this nutty salad)

Dahi bhalla (Not a fan of this creamy starter, I’m afraid)

Artichoke pakoda (Fried food, how could I not enjoy this?)

Tandoori paneer tikka (Beware, stomach fillers)

Green salad

Cucumber raita


Tomato soup (Hmm ok. Nothing much to write home about.)

Vegetarian Main:

- Bharwan karela (stuffed bitter gourd)

Mushroom matter curry (KW – fan of fungi – enjoyed this, me not so much)

Amritsari bhindi (I don’t even like lady’s finges or okra but this deceptively simple dish was plain addictive. I could eat it as a movie snack. Not joking.)

Assorted plain, butter and garlic naans (Carbs, yummeh. I repeat, carbs yummeh.)

Makhani dal Jeera pulao (Aromatic and binge-worthy, found a big fan in Russell)

Dosa (My first dosa ever - a life-changing epiphany. I need to hunt down masala dosa. Hit me with your best shot if you know if any awesome ones.)

Non-vegetarian Main:

Kasundi mustard prawn (Loved loved loved this. Went for seconds.)

Murg makhani (Butter chicken, why hello there.)

Fish curry

Lamb biryani (Not much lamb to be found but still packed with flavour)

Pass Around:

Chicken Tikka (KW loved this but I very much preferred the butter chicken)

Dhokla (a sweetish savoury sponge cake)


Moong dal halwa (Got to be honest, I am not a big fan of Indian desserts)

Chenna payas (Ditto)

Fresh fruits (Can’t go wrong with freshly cut fruits and this was incredibly refreshing after a heavy meal)

Espresso kulfi (Kind of like coffee ice cream bars, which floats muh boat)

Coffee mousse (Another coffee dessert, which naturally makes me happy)

Food coma quickly ensued

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muchadoabouteating said...

So happy for Charlene. Seeing her getting married makes me feel so old lol.