Wednesday, July 2

Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake from Tanglin Halt Market

Recently, work took my colleagues and I to the famous-to-locals-only Tanglin Halt Market for lunch. 

A man jian kueh fan, I have heard much about the famed Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake and was thrilled to lay my hands on one (well, one and a half since the colleagues took note of my gluttonous look). 

It is arguably the one of the best around - a warm man jian kueh from any store usually tips the scale.  However, this was the first time I paid more attention to the kueh, as opposed to the filling, which was thickish but fragrant. 

The roasted peanut grains posed a messy dilemma (How to best eat it without looking like a buffoon... Do I eat with my hands or pick it up with my chopsticks?); it is clear that you should stay around from fans or risk raking up a peanut sandstorm. 


joanna said...

favourite hawker centre ever! you're right, the man jian kueh is the best. based overseas and it's my first port of call on a jetlagged morning. have turned up at 5am (ok maybe slight exaggeration) and not been disappointed. almost worth the sleepless night haha. enjoy X

yixiao said...

5am is intense but I can understand why haha

Anonymous said...

Hey! From one min jiang kueh fan to another, have you tried the one from Ghim Moh market? More specifically, the peanut butter min jiang kueh?

yixiao said...

Oh man, that sounds ah-mazing! I need to try it soon :p

Anonymous said...

It was a revelation! :P Do try it out soonish, I think Ghim Moh might be closing around Sept.