Friday, June 13

Cross my heart xx Crossan'wich

I don't know if it is a parent thing but I am mildly obsessed with sharing my childhood loves with the Munckin. 

As a kid, my mum would always take my younger sister and I to Burger King for breakfast before ballet class (yes, I was THAT pudgy kid in the cotton-candy-pink leotard). I would get the Crossan'wich with turkey ham without fail, week after week, and never get sick of it. 

So you can only imagine my delight when KW, who is on Team McMuffin, agreed to take us to Burger King for breakfast! I have not stepped into a Burger King in donkey years but the branch at AMK Hub was pleasantly spick and span - seriously guys at McD's, you need to up your game or cleaning roster.  

What was even more amazing was that the Crossan'wich tasted every bit as delicious as my childhood habit. Sure, it seems smaller these days but a fistful of pleasure was enough to make me a happy dapper. 

Team Crossan'wich, always and forever. 


red fir said...

OMG I loveee croissan'wich too!

muchadoabouteating said...

Bk's crossian'wich was such an weekly affair. Ham was fabulous before it became turkey ham. My parents used to bring us to the orchard emerald's outlet when they had a room full of coloured balls for us kids to "swim" in. Heh.

red fir said...

Very interesting that we 3 all have different spellings for the word. Different childhood I suppose. ;-)

yixiao said...

There's no "i" in my Crossan'wich as it was always a family affair... haha

Go Team Crossan'wich/ Croissan'wich!

muchadoabouteating said...

Oops I can't spell. Nothing to do with childhood ;)

yixiao said...

Its' ok, you are still awesome.