Monday, May 26

YF & KH Part 1

Last week, my sister and KH finally tied the knot! You might remember they ROM-ed back in January and this time round, they went through the tea ceremony, wedding banquet ... you know, the whole shebang. I am very happy for the both of them and now, I want cousins for Russell pronto. 

TA-DAH... The beautiful couple!

The entire day was alot of fun and here are some pictures that would make you understand why it took me to long to step out my sister's shadow - and into KW's (haha). 

The most gigantic pot of orchids blurs your vision as soon as you walk into the living room. Seriously, I think you will only be able to find a bigger pot of orchids at the Istana. 

We came across Kreme Couture at Public Garden and my younger sister ordered these ridiculously beautiful cupcakes for a mini dessert reception. 

Although I will say my heart beats faster for the Peach Garden catering. XO fried carrot cake... Be still, my heart. I am clearly revealing my plebeian roots but I so do have a weakness for buffet catering. 

Oh yes, back to the bride. My parents and sister posing for the super talented Ivan Tan, who is still incredibly down-to-earth despite his success.  

Hello sis!

The munckin and my dad. Yes, he has a tablewater cracker in each hand. 

Needless to say, Soba and Toro weren't thrilled Russell picked from their stash of goodies. 

A mini battle ensues with the munckin reigning victory and only because he has a super special place in my dad's heart. 

KW and munckin waiting for the groom as the latter bore an all important task of opening the bridal car door - with Papa's help, of course. 

While I don't get selfies, I love family selfies. My cousin Celia never fails to remind me Russell will be enlisting in National Service before I realise it. 

I took this picture because everyone keeps saying how much Russell looks like me. Hmm, he is definitely pinch-muh-cheeks-cuter than I ever was. 

Mimicking my dad

The newlyweds at KH's place

The newlyweds at their new place

My sister, the Japanese aficionado 

Man and wife

Loveliness personified


Bern said...

LOVE your sister's dress(es), she is a very lovely bride!

yixiao said...

Thank you on her behalf!

Anonymous said...

The cheongsam is gorgeous and fits her so well. I've always had trouble with the side slit riding up when I sit down.

Can I ask where the bride got her cheongsam made? Thanks!


yixiao said...

Hi Nat,

My sister got it off the rack from Lai Chan. Yes, it is a gorgeous piece!