Wednesday, March 5

Desserts from Food for Thought, National Museum

After a day of strategy discussions, we hopped over to Food for Thought at National Museum - out of convenience - for dinner. I was surprised by how pleasant it was, given I don't like what they did with the 8Q branch and I have heard of how chaotic the Botanic Gardens outlet can be. So yeah, low expectations equals low disppointment. Also, they hung these cute buntings across the ceiling that gave me serious wedding/ party envy immediately. Best  of all, it was amazingly tranquil on a Friday evening.

I only took pictures of the desserts as I didn't want to be that oddball going around taking pictures of people's food.

I was a kid who ate Milo powder by the spoonful so you can only imagine how delighted I was with the Milo Godzilla Pudding. Settle a baseball-sized scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a super fudgy chocolate pudding, scatter Milo cookie crumbs and powder around it, and sweeten the deal with a drizzle of condensed milk.

Another pleasing sweet treat is the Old School Banana Coconut Tart. Caramelised bananas encased in at buttery tart shell, topped with toasty desiccated coconut; accompanied by another huge scoop of vanilla ice cream that sits on almond slices that should have been toasted.

With two winners in the bag, we had to have a third dud. I am sorry to report the red velvet cake was one dry disappointment and it tasted a little "off." Too much time spent in the chiller? Too much zing in the cream cheese? Yeah, I am not a red velvet person and this slice reminded me to not fall for style over substance.

Happy midweek folks!

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Bern said...

i ate milo straight out of the tin too! :p