Wednesday, January 15

Artisan Boulangerie Co., Great World City

I Faceboook-liked Artisan Boulangerie Co. almost immediately after our visit to the Great World City branch.

Given that there are five branches (and probably counting) around the island, it feels like a dependable chain with artisanal products. If there were a Venn diagram for consistency, predictability and quality, Artisan Boulangerie Co.  would sit well in the middle sweet spot.

You have no idea how 'up close and personal' things could have gotten without the display window. 

I got to sample the linzer tart and Bostock, which were yummy but I was in the mood for something (well, alot of things) savoury.

Given what was on offer, I think we exhibited quite a show of willpower by getting only four items. 

2013 me would have gone for the smoked salmon quiche and sweet tarts in a heartbeat but 2014 me felt like trying something new; after all, why waste time hanging onto the past?

The spinach and goat cheese tart was stunning. Packing a pungent punch, it went all out in the flavour department without missing a note in its buttery flaky crust.

Don't be deceived by the plain Jane appearance of the stuffed mozzerella pesto calzone. 


Give it time, let it open up and show you that it is truly soulmate-material. Yes, I'll be telling my son that in due course.

To be honest, I have had better beef pies - more stew-like and tender morsels but this would suit those craving for something homely familiar.

Spectacular crust though.


The Lyon Swirl reminds me of the plump, dowdier cousin of the chic Kouign Amann. It is quite a lovely thing though with its caramelised crown and soft, tear-able layers.

A little lovin' from the toaster only serves to elevate the swirl to greater heights.

It was an incredibly relaxing meal because the cafe wasn't swamped with people and the munckin knocked out for the first hour.

Just over an hour ago, we found a win-win solution for both parents and the kid who refused to sit in the shopping trolley.

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