Wednesday, December 18

Four Seasons Restaurant, Siam Paragon

This was the meal I was most eagerly looking forward to in Bangkok. Four Seasons Restaurant. I am fully aware Four Seasons in London has fallen to the pits but the Bangkok outpost happens to be just glorious. I also know that by making such a proclamation, I have successfully made you doubt my credibility, and not to mention, judgement. 

Am I bothered by that? Not at all, I am (so not) afraid. Reason being I - and a hodgepodge of ridiculously tender roasted meats - have successfully converted skeptics among the family and bookmarked this as our Must-Revisit restaurant in Bangkok in the coming years. Yes, this shall be an annual pilgrimage. 

All those in favor, say "Aye Heart Duck."


Anonymous said...

what's that in the second picture? looks delicious!

yixiao said...

Pipa tofu with salted egg yolk :)