Friday, July 5

Shelving it

For the longest time, KW and I had been living with a deep dark secret - our study table. To describe it as "beastly" is an understatement. A giant slab of cross-eyed woodgrain, it was ominous, attention-seeking and a real pain in the upper arm slash shoulder area to use. 

Finally, we got someone to remove it. For good. Once and for all.

In place of it, we got a smaller study table and a shelf that makes me so happy. Only furniture and home stuff make me this happy these days. As far as material needs go, clothes, shoes and fine dining can't compare to the joy of adding knick knacks and cobblestone pieces to our home. 

This weekend, it's time to shelf our regular plans as it is party time! Oh yes, it will be amazing. 

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