Wednesday, July 10

12 months on

To my little man, 
Happy Birthday to you.  
I must admit life hasn't been a breeze over the last 12 months. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking of what our life would be like without kids, and daydreaming about the lifestyle and adventures of newly married couples (not that ours would be terribly exciting). 
Would I trade those carefree days for you? 
The joy and yes, suffering you have brought into our lives is second to none. 
I have never carried a baby before you came along; I found it awkward to sing out loud; and my fuse just so happens to be as long as my maiden surname. Everyone says its gets easier. Does it? Really? It seems with every milestone, you get more energetic and opiniated. My morning gym workout seems like a warm-up to the day ahead.  
But guess what? I'm a sucker for your tender lovingness. How did you get so stinkin' cute? Every smile of yours makes up for a dozen of those what-the-heck-am-I-doing-with-my-life moments.   
Together with your papa, I can't promise our journey will get any easier or smoother but as long as we have each other, I think we will do just fine. 
Love always,
Your mama

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