Tuesday, November 13

Togi Korean Restaurant, 11 Mosque Street

We had our minds set on visiting some cool new cafe (well, new by our mountain-tortoise standards) and having sandwiches for lunch but a quick change of heart landed us some Korean food. 

The name: Togi. The game: some of the most satisfying Korean food I've had in a while. 

Banchan was standard fare - zilch chance of stealing any limelight away from the main dishes - but I enjoyed the sauteed garlic stems and cucumber kimchi. 

One thing I noticed was how they willing they were to top up the banchan, unlike other restaurants whose staff would often look as if you've made some indecent proposal when asking for more. 

When it comes to Korean soups and stews, I will choose the galbi tang over the kimchi chigae or soon dubu chigae any given day. Togi offers a seemingly mild galbi tang with fistfuls of boneless ribeye and minced garlic. While the ribeye wasn't the most tender, every mouthful of that immensely flavorful broth warmed the inner cockles of my heart. 

The spicy stir-fried squid was a real kicker. Sliced squid, cabbage and carrots were generously coated in a thickish sauce that was also perfect for slathering over rice or in our case, the seafood pancake. The squid itself was chewy but not to the point where it could have become a baby teether. 

The thing about most Korean food is that the spiciness is only skin deep; but if you can't handle the heat, don't worry help is an arm's stretch away. 

To say I was looking forward to the seafood pancake is an understatement; to say my heart literally burst with joy when I tucked into this crisp and hefty monster is a six-feet-understatement. #DiedAndGoneToHeaven 

This was probably the thickest seafood pancake I've ever had and it wasn't due to starchy fillers but loads of seafood and spring onions. 

Don't be silly, we didn't finish everything...

Service was quick and if I may add, very polite. The owner's state of dental care suggests he could have gone through tougher times and he was really sweet throughout our visit there. 

Can't believe we almost missed out on this for sandwiches.

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