Sunday, November 11

Public Garden Christmas Fair

Yesterday, I finally made it to Public Garden, a flea market at MICA!

Three things I liked about this event:
1. AC! Yes, I sound like a spoilt, sheltered Singaporean but honestly speaking, given our temperamental weather, you really won't know when it rains or shines so it being indoors is a huuuge plus point.
2. Friendly sellers - loved the whole meet-the-seller atmosphere.
3. Affordable trinkets and goods - perfect for the still-unemployed.

Some of the more interesting vendors include:
In Merry Motion (these girls are so cute!)

I was surprised by how young many of these sellers were! Having participated in a flea market before, I know how difficult it is to break even, let alone make a profit... so all the best to these very talented and enterprising folks!

Something I noticed though, apart from one milkshake store, a couple of booths sold baked goodies didn't seem to receive much fanfare. Given how peckish I usually am, even I wasn't tempted to buy anything to snack on. 

Perhaps it's the idea that food should be made or assembled on the spot, otherwise it might be perceived at not being appetizing or sanitary. That said, I'm sure the lack of electricity or rather, powerpoint circuits must have limited what the organizers and sellers set out to achieve.

And my stash:

I have always liked the stuff from When I Was Four | 小时候 and was thrilled to see them at the flea market. Though I hardly use notebooks these days, I had to get the Chwee Kueh notebook that came with a postcard.

Upon spending more than $10, I was entitled to a lucky draw and scored an additional postcard - an Ang Ku Kueh which, like the Chwee Kueh, is part of their new collection. Yay!

Couldn't resist more vintage-y postcards.

And a pink-checkered peplum top.

Public Garden lasts till 7pm this evening, be sure to check it out!

For more information, do visit Public Garden (


muchadoabouteating said...

Going today!

Anonymous said...

Hi where to get ur ribbon shoes?

Lisa said...

I love handmade and flea markets. Looks like you purchased some cute stuff.

yixiao said...

PY, hope you picked up some stuff =)

anon, i got my sandals from Anna Nucci

lisa, i love flea - and food - markets too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Yixiao!

I hope I got your name correctly.

I am the owner of the booth that you got the pink checkered peplum blouse. Such a pleasant surprise to chance upon your blog!

Nice blog you have!