Friday, September 14

Te Wei Popiah, Long House

There are days when I crave for something clean but salads are just the last thing on my mind. Really, right at the end of the list... Ok, maybe just before my grandma's cooking. Then again, I might have to eat my words faster than one can spell p-o-p-i-a-h as the popiah is kinda like a rolled up salad, no?

Recently, I've been on a popiah roll, literally and out of convenience, the overpriced popiah from Takashimaya food basement hits the sweet and sticky spots. Yeah, I know I am a sucker for paying so much for a popiah... But it's got tastyyyyy fried bits!

Though I would love to try Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah, I'm not willing to go the distance for my kicks, especially when a couple of popiahs cost less than the petrol plus parking.

For now, just a short drive away I can get a more humble popiah from Te Wei Popiah Rojak Otah at Long House (183 Upper Thomson Road). A decent and cheapish popiah, the addition of shredded cucumber adds a cleaner taste though the popiah skin does feel a liiitle plasticky at the ends.

There is a newspaper cutting which highlights their rojak and while I’ve heard from my in-laws that it’s good but not as good as (my favourite) Hoover Road, I would like to try it out one day.


Doreen said...

I've been on the popiah craze for quite a while already!
So far my favourite is the one from Blk 928, Yishun Central 1, Lit Lit popiah stall near the famous 928 laksa stall.

Been eating that uncle's popiah sicne young and i still think it's the best in singapore after going around and buying popiahs from many different stalls.
His popiah have crunchy bits and its slightly on the sweet side.
Do take note that he operate from 12+ to 5pm only or till sold out. Do try it! :D

yixiao said...

hi doreen, thank you for your comment. i have been looking for popiahs that aren't famous or overhyped (e.g. old long house, qiji etc). i googled your recommendation as soon as i could and would love to try it soon!