Friday, August 17

Tiong Bahru Bakery

So goes the saying, "If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain' arises from the story of Muhammad."

Well, in this case, it is more like “If the mountain tortoise will not come to much-hyped-about bakery, then much-hyped-about bakery must go to mountain tortoise.”

Mum and sister got a box of pastries from the new Tiong Bahru Bakery outlet at Raffles City ( and passed us some on one of their daily baby visits.

They might not look as pretty as they did the day before but they did age gracefully by being enviably delicious. Kinda reminds me of those stunning silver-haired Parisians caught on street style blogs.

More than eight hours later and after a two-minute revive in the toaster, lo and behold, a sugary buzz to kickstart Friday or heck, the impending long weekend.

On the left, we have the famed kouign amann. My my my, it was very scrumptious in a lick-my-plate-clean kind of way. If it tastes this good after the day after, I can imagine how awesome it must be fresh out of the oven.

The plain croissant bears a buttery fragrance that lingers well after the pastry is settled in your system. It was a tad doughier than your usual croissant, almost like a pillowy sweet bread that the Japanese are so fond of. In other words, one might not be enough.

Definitely won't be hard to polish off the remaining chocolate croissant for tea today =)


Bern said...

TBB's crossiants are nice but I didn't think they were worth their $5 pricetag for each crossiant. I much prefer Antoinette's ones, and they're only $2.50 for each!

yixiao said...

Yikes, they are 5 bucks each?!

Bern said...

Oh yes, the hubby dabao-ed a couple back home a few weeks ago. Didn't quite live up to the hype, price notwithstanding.

ice said...

Nope. Plain croissant $2.50, kouign-amann $3.50, chocolate croissant $3.20. No one would buy the croissants if they were priced at $5/pc, not even if it's Tiong Bahru Bakery by David Beckham. Then again, maybe I would lol.

yixiao said...

Thanks for clarifying, ice.

$2.50 = affordable indulgence :)

Joyce said...

Hi gals, I went to the Raffles City Shopping Centre branch today and tried the croissant. It was very nice at S$2.80 each.

FN said...

They better call Monsieur Cherrier back from Paris soon. The quality has already dropped significantly from when they opened.

yixiao said...

oh dear oh dear!

Nand Patel said...

sorry this TBB is a total rip off. the french butter croissant at swiss bake is better and cheaper