Wednesday, February 15

'V' for ...

I feel such like such a sell-out. Bearing my cynicism for Valentine’s Day and all its lovers-set-menu-for-2 glory, we celebrated Valentine’s Day - well, sort of. Does eating rotisserie-bought ribs and a sweet treat from Canele in front of our TV count? Hey, at least I didn't bring out the chocolate fondue set. Please tell me I have having some luck with reputation damage control here.

You know me, I'm such a die-hard romantic. The sight of females clutching of overpriced rose bouquets makes me sad and gag at the same time. The icing on the cake is when you get a teddy bear strapped to the bouquet and it looks as if it would rather be in a strait jacket. But hey, willing buyer/ willing seller right? Can't argue with economics.

Our usual Tuesday dinner plans call for dinner back at my in-laws place but a whatsapp morning greeting changed all of that. I might be cynical but I’m not heartless - and I know I'm not heartless for my heart is shaped like an oginiri rice ball.

And I happen to think the tarako and salmon onigiris look so cute, almost as if they had a 'heart' thought bubble (that would be seasoned tako) above their heads.

Gianduja chocolate mousse layered between chocolate sacher biscuit and hazelnut feuilletine, coated with dark chocolate ganache and almond chocolate crust.

It would have seemed like a normal dinner at home, had it not been for the Crispy Chocolate Praline Swirl from Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie. Delicate, gratifying and smotheringly rich, even the most sardonic would feel just a tinge of cocoa love in them.

I hope, like other days, 14 February was a day filled with love and kindness for you.

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