Thursday, February 2

Chicken and pancake from Maxwell

(In case, this post sounds confusing, I had this meal just before Chinese New Year)

Thanks to the disturbingly warm weather over the past couple of weeks, I wasn’t in the mood for anything hot and soupy at a hawker centre. As more than half the stores at Maxwell Food Centre were closed for Chinese New Year, I suddenly felt inspired to eat something non-Chinese.

Taking full advantage of my adventurous mood, I had a Malay fried chicken from Aspirasi (#01-63 Maxwell Food Centre). This is one of the rare moments when risk-taking served me well.

The chicken was incredibly juicy, especially for something that had been out on display. The crispy chicken skin yields easily in your mouth and doesn't scratch the roof of your mouth. The folks at Aspirasi even upped the crunch (aka yum) factor with a sprinkle of brittle batter.

The chicken was let down by a watery sweet chili sauce but it was good enough on its own. I've got to say it was quite bony but this was one helluva grease bomb (albeit a very satisfying grease bomb) and I was happy with what I had to deal with.

I didn't get any rice as I wanted to save my carbs for something esle.

Ta-dah! A soft but chewy peanut pancake fresh out of the pan and warm. This is of course from the very creatively named store - Pancake (26 Maxwell Food Centre).

These days, most of the peanut pancakes out there are sold lukewarm so having a warm baby is quite something to be very happy about.

There was a mild but pleasant pandan aroma of the pancake filled with sweetened crushed peanuts that makes lapping up the fallen bits so very unglamourous. So good! I just had to get another (warm) slab as soon as I was done with my first.

Come to think of it, my meal sort of resembles a Southeast Asian chicken and waffles, no?


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