Sunday, February 12

Caffe Habitu, Hong Kong

Caffe Habitu might be a chain but it feels unique enough to discard that taint of being one. We stopped by for a mid-afternoon breather and I pretty much let kw decide what to order since I was still stuffed from breakfast AND lunch.

He chose the chocolate and pear fondant over the sticky banana pudding as it “sounded lighter." I’m not sure what how his thought process works but I'm not about to question it.

It was certainly worth the 15-minute wait and the agony of watching our neighbour tuck into his cheeseburger and fries.

As soon as we dipped our spoons in, the middle of the fondant collapsed and mooshed into one hot molten mess. The uber richness and delectable decadence of this dessert pretty much justified its ubiquity and popularity.

Love the way they presented our bill.


PY said...

Looks so gorgeous. I tried their banana pudding before, don't think it is as exciting as your choc fondant.

bisou said...

it was yummeh!