Thursday, January 26

Year of the dragon

Hopw you guys are living up the Lunar New Year with lots of fun, family and fooding!

The weekend before Chinese New Year, we visited Chinatown and got some decorations for our place.

We didn't get any flowers but what is Chinese New Year without a bit of prosperity-seeking and money plants?

To me, Chinese New Year is more treacherous than Christmas and New Year combined. Over Christmas and the New Year, the feasting usually consists of gatherings and huge meals, but Chinese New Year? Oh, I can only liken the trail of goodies leading up to those gatherings and huge meals to the footpath that led Hansel and Gretel up to the witch's candy hut.

Ahh, my favouritest flower butter cookies made by my aunt! This the only Butter Factory I’m rockin’ these days too. Sure, I can always pass over the enthusiasm as a baby bump but ingesting all that butter can’t be that good for one, no? Paula, care to chime in?

We had 3 tubs of pineapple tarts this year. I got a tub from Cedele after a successful food sampling session, one tub (the ballsy ones) was made by my aunt and the third tub (the longish ones) were made by kw's mum's hairdresser's wife (just four degrees of separation ... ). I am not the biggest fan of pineapple tarts but I got to say, we have a really good bounty this year, marked by incredibly crumble crusts (i'm sure there are remnants in my laptop keyboard).

Pretty orchids were all around my parents' and in-laws' home.

Dolled out the ang baos this year but it would be payback time next year!

New outfits accompanied by a manicure and pedicure.

A much welcomed break from all that butter and sugar.

Smoked salmon never fails!

Yang made these glorious cupcakes for our family gathering. Super duper moist. I have said it time and again but I got to repeat myself one more time - I'm not a fan of cupcakes but I can't resist cupcakes made by sister.

The chocolate cupcake was devilishly dark and rich but the red velvet stole my heart!

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Lisa said...

So much delicious food as always.