Thursday, December 1

The wonderful Wednesday

A wonderful day often begins with breakfast with the family, a massage that leaves me incredibly relaxed (dazed even) and tea in the good company of ladies who have been around ever since you were born.

It's funny how I have always felt comfortable around my mum's friends, a pretty electic bunch of strong ladies. Then again, I have always preferred the company of those older than me - they seem to have so much more worth listening to.

It was the first time we met up since the wedding and we had tea at PS Cafe, otherwise know as the mecca for towering cakes and calorific pusuits.

Something tart with a pillowy crown

Something suffocatingly chocolatey and thick

And something heady, cheesy-sprinkled 
and deep-fried to balance all that sweet stuff.

Sometimes I do find it very hard to ask for more in life.

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