Thursday, December 29

Boxing Day

We earned a slow, quiet morning after a late night. Popped into Dino Cake House for some childhood favourites of mine.

Dino’s fried rice is still nostalgically good but the presentation has changed slightly and it looks less impressive, compared to a mountainous heap of rice.

I also picked at some chicken pie. I remembered it to be a lot stewier and er, bigger. What changed? Was it me or the chicken pie?

But I guess that meant more room for a carrot cream cheese slice.

I thought I was pretty set for dinner after a continuous stream of snacks including granola bars and steamed sweet potatoes. However, 5 minutes into Bobby Flay’s Boy Meets Grill, my stomach went Girl Meats Grill and conveniently called out for some barbeque leftovers and a handsome hunk of homemade ham that Yang made earlier. Que meat sweats.

All that salty stuff could only mean one thing - Haagen Daaz's vanilla ice cream for dessert =)

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