Sunday, December 11

Lazy Gourmet Brunch

just brunch.

as if the day was played out in hollywood- harmony, i brunched with DGF (darling good friend) diana at now-officially my favourite brunch hangout- lazy gourmet. i do think it says a lot when a friend is willing to get up early (10:30am) on a sunday morning just to have brunch with you..

alrights, i sound like jack the sappy puppy because DGF diana will be leaving for a school business study mission trip to new york city come tuesday .. yup, i can see all the jaws dropping in envy.. myself sigh notwithstanding.. but i am going to miss the dear girl as she will only be back after christmas...

though i don't usually post human- picturs on my blog but i really wanted to preserve the good memories of singapore and what better way to do it than with one of my favouritest people in my favouritest brunch places.

we shared the continental set (which came with see beolow: apple danish, butter croissant, two slices of multigrain toast & orange jice and tea).. and ermm, haha, a pear danish because itlookedtoogoodtopassup.
huh? who said that?

rather cliche to add that the croissants at lazy gourmet are still exhorbitantly delicious.. and tapping the loose flakes on the plate and licking your fingers afterways actually seems like a time-honoured ritual.. ok fine, perhaps only between myself and the five-year old kid sitting on the next table.

arhh, i love the fact that it takes so little just to make me happy.


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