Thursday, June 9

Thios Raffles Raffles The Plaza

thios my dose.

dreading the human crowd during lunch, i decided to check out Thios Raffles at Raffles The Plaza. those who are aware of my preferred dietary habits would not be surprised to know that i ordered a coffee chocolate scone to satisfy that sweet craving and a bowl of tomato soup for 'health purposes'. having remebered a not-so-delectable session at cedele bakery depot (i still love that place though) i had asked for my soup to be "pipping hot"

when the tomato soup arrived, the only word that i could use to describe it was 'insipid-looking'. mono-colour with a handful of fried croutons strewn on.. well, it was supposed to be health food right? but looks were deceiving and i was definately taken for a rideee... when i took my first sip, i was shocked. shocked at how easily i could have dismissed something based on 'looks'.. the tomato soup was not only flavourful, it was savoury and rich in something i cannot identify.. sour cream perhaps? well, one thing is for sure- it ain't no health food to meh [insert nadia's getto accent here]

the bigger-than-your-fist coffee chocolate scone was a sure-delight if you were not a big fan of scones or coffee. though generous in chocolate chip bits, the coffee aroma was just enough to tease but not overwhelm and the scone was rather crumbly too.. almost like a muffin.. but knowing the pastry- aficionado that i am, the crumb-factor was not exactly a crime.

all in all, lunch was a delightful affair. richard, the head manager/ waiter was extremely friendly, as he bothered to check if i thought the soup was to my liking and when i brought a half-finished scone to him, he said "ta-pao?" before i even said anything. while waiting, i even felt complied to fill up a positive feedback form.

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lunch is served
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for the record, yes, my soup was "pipping hot"

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