Wednesday, June 22


i was sulky last night. one of the rare incidences where we could have something different for dinner and my mum did not want to go to dino .. I WANT MY FRIED LICE!

but anyway i decided to cut the 10-yr old act when she suggested longhouse where i tried the famous geylang lorong-something frog legs porridge for the first time .. well, though i had it at upper thomson road .. i figured it is STILL authentic enough .. afterall geylang has numerous 'famous lorongs' .. probably no one can be sure of which is original in the first place!

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the porridge was cooked just the way i like it- soft enough for the grains to mush slightly but hard enough for substance. and when you dribble a dollap of kung bao sauce over your porridge, a simply dish perfect for the cool tuesday evening is born. to be honest, it was so pleasing, i could almost ignore the frog legs on its own.

i know the idea of frog legs porridge probably sounds like a dish that would pop out of a witch's menu but when you see it served piping hot in the claypots (the porridge and frog legs are usually served separate), my mind actually went 'hey it really does look like chicken!' but maybe what worries most people is whether it TASTES like chicken?

perhaps i am biased towards the novelty of a new dish, so i would say it tastes even better than chicken.

sigh, looking foward to lunch at cedele's!

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