Tuesday, May 31


frankly, the entire great singapore sale is a sham. most stores only offer up to twenty percent (on decent looking outfits) and more on heinous pieces that belong to the shred-der. speaking of which, i have one in my office...

today i was strolling about robinsons trying to get something for the office.. sure they had fantastic discounts but the outfits were THIS awful, you wonder why polyester was invented in the first place. then suddenly i chanced upon a pair of black capris -not unlike the very same ones that i am currently in- .. stroking the material, i felt h-o-p-e! but upon closer look, the capris were categorised under NEW ARRIVALS i.e. no discount..the outrage! the feeling of being deceived!

shame on the sale.


i think rose mcgowan's gorgeous and she has the epitome of strawberries-and-creme skin.. her mum's french and her dad's irish- what a killer mix of genes!

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