Tuesday, May 10

getting some action.

last night was probably as unpretenious as it could get.

i finally met up with missing-in-singapore-for-8mths-wai in all of places plaza singapura food court! haha.. and i was actually think of those semi-swanky resturants like crystaljade, sushitei but boy was it a relief when we did not have to go to those chichi outlets for good company.. we bonded over friedfishbeehoon, grilled chicken rice and mango icekachang before WALKING over to taka for coconut tutu and garlic&butter mussles at mos burger ... it was still quite weird in the beginning though i mean, it felt unreal that i was not talking to her through a 15inch lcd monitor.. haha..

when we updated each other on our lives (or the lack of, in my case), the things she said or got up to in canada... DAMN (insert ghetto-chick accent here) , i knew i was missing out on some action!

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