Monday, April 18

first day.

given a stack of international sos publications and powerpoint material to familiarize myself with the ongings of the company. fyi:

well, by right i am suppose to be enjoying myself, considering how this is suppose to be my honeymoon week.. and i guess it really helps that i have been given a notebook *which is why i am blogging after lunch* to vent my boredom (though i have not resorted to dowloading msn). anyway, i am so seriously tempted to read the books on the table that i am currently residing at- 'the tapestries' by kien nguyen and 'midnight children' by salman rushdie, not to mention the ishiguro novel that is hidden in my paper bag.

but of course i am the model intern *smirk so i shall not resort to such unprofessional measures to keep myself sane!

then again, it is really not that bad- on top of my very own notebook. i have a jiffy-cool employee pass which never fails to excite me when it 'DINGs' of approval as i pass through areas 'reserved for employees only'. i have my personalized office email account too..

did i mention that i have been given a table which faces the pantry? oh, cruel joke no.1.. as if i needed any further distractions. sigh, and the very fact that raffles city i.e. vnc, marksandspencer, ninewest is within five-minutes walking distance happens to be cruel joke no.2. well, good thing i can never run out of places for appointments too as chijmes and bugis junction are within the vicinity as well. and i almost forgot! i can see the ongoing construction of our new city campus right my office.

arh, better got back to 'work'!

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